UV Glow Splatter Party

Light up your life! In the neon version of our Splatter Paint Party, you'll get messy and have a blast with special non-toxic ultraviolet (UV) paint in our famous, Pollock-inspired Paint Splatter Room. Our darkened studio's back lights will make your artwork glow as you learn super-fun splatter painting techniques.

UV Glow Splatter Party


The Party Basics

How many people?

7 Guests + 1 Birthday Child*
(base price)

For ages 3+

Please see the FAQs below for the studio capacity.

How long?

The Splatter Art portion is 60 min. If you would like time after for cake or lunch you can rent the space for an additional 30 or 45 mins for party time. 

30 minutes is enough time for cake only. Please book 45 minutes if you would like to serve lunch too. Food clean-up must be done by the parents or guests.

What does each guest create?

Each guest will get to throw paint on their own individual 9×12 watercolour paper. And everyone splatters on a larger canvas for the birthday person to take home!

Splatter Party Timeline

5-10 mins before your start time: You will be shown to your party area.  Everyone signs in at the door.

Art time (60 minutes): We begin by having everyone throw paint on their own individual 9×12 watercolour paper. Each guest will get to take this masterpiece home.

Next, everyone splatters on a larger canvas, using the techniques of Jackson Pollock!

The final painting is a magnificent masterpiece for the birthday person to treasure! 

Party time (30-45 min): If booked, this is your parent supervised party time! Time for cake, pizza, snacks, etc :)

More Details

  • Any person inside the studio during the party time is considered a guest, excluding the party parents (maximum 2 observing adults for a child's party.)

  • Please note the studio is a communal space so make sure to book a spot for anyone attending and know that there will be other people in the studio unless you book out the whole studio

Artwork Pick Up

  • Paintings are ready in 7 days.
  • Completed artwork will be stored in the studio for 2 weeks maximum.